About Us

Hello and welcome to Kar.ma Rose .....


My name is Karen...... For years I have dreamt, envisioned and prepared for the launch of my very own boutique . I worked in retail for 20 years, overseeing multiple locations and training my peers specifically in visual merchandising.  2 years ago I found myself at a cross roads!(as far as my career that is ) My company like many others had filed for bankruptcy. So I did what anyone would do... I got a job in banking lol After 2+ years in the banking world I realized I wasn't truly happy with my career and decided it was time to finally do something day in and day out that I was passionate about ..... After taking some time to soul search here I am !!! 


My goal is to bring you trendy, comfortable ,stylish, quality clothing and accessories right  to your front door. I want you to feel am-az-ing and confident  every time you slip into a Kar.ma Rose piece . For years I would have an event or special occasion and I would envision the perfect outfit, accessories and shoes. And I would not be able to find that exact vision anywhere! I hope when you have that vision in your mind you find it here at Kar. ma Rose!